The installation of a GPS repeater significantly increases productivity and ROI by bringing the GPS / GNSS signal inside the facility enabling testing or calibration of GPS-enabled devices on a production line or end of line testing; laboratories; or infotainment and satnav systems on a vehicle assembly line.

The increase of GNSS / GPS integration into new products has created many new indoor testing applications and requirements. Research & Development, product testing, product inspection and maintenance applications may have diverse requirements but all need to test GPS indoors.

Chronos has installed many GPS repeater solutions for industry including an international electronics manufacturer with sites in over 35 countries who needed to fully test GPS capability of laptops on the assembly line. A GPS repeating system had previously been installed and although the signal was being successfully retransmitted inside the production area, it was unreliable and it was taking some time for the equipment to get a lock on the GPS satellites. Chronos' expert team re-engineered the existing installation, restoring full functionality, without interfering with the customer's production schedule.

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Download GPS Inside the manufacturing facility - testing the GPS functionality of computers on the production line