PolaRx5S GNSS Reference Receiver

World leading ionospheric GNSS receiver from Septentrio, PolaRx5S generates ultra-low noise scintillation indices and GNSS measurements while logging and streaming data at up to 100 Hz while consuming less power than many of its competitors.

PolaRx5 GNSS Reference Receiver

PolaRx 5 is the new receiver in the PolaRx product line and is developed specifically to support the most demanding applications for the earth science community offering a select range of advanced features which enable maximum accuracy and functionality.

PolaRx5e GNSS Reference Receiver

PolaRx5e is an IP68 compliant GNSS reference receiver complete with battery which provides measurements with the lowest noise on the market while constantly monitoring and protecting against ionospheric interference, multipath and other environmental effects.

PolaRx5TR GNSS Reference Receiver

Optimized for quality of code and carrier phase measurements, PolaRx5TR is fully compliant with recommendation CCTF 5 (2015) of the Consultative Committee for Time and Frequency.