Sending RF signals over optical fibre offers many advantages such as ultra low RF loss over very long distances, signal immunity to electric and magnetic fields and easy deployment. RF over fibre is an ideal replacement for coaxial cable technology and Chronos designs systems that are plug-and-play replacements of existing copper networks working its partner PPM/ViaLite. RF over fibre links are typically used to distribute GPS for industries such as defence and security, GPS timing, cellular and specialist signal distribution applications.

ViaLiteHD Multizone Distribution Lossless Splitter

Enables one transmitter to supply multiple receive points with zero optical loss.

ViaLite OEM RF GPS Fibre Optic Link Module

The ViaLite RF GPS fibre-optic-link provides a high reliability, transparent cross-site connection between a GPS antenna and a GPS receiver.

ViaLite GPS Over Fibre Outdoor Enclosures

The ViaLite Outdoor Enclosures ODE-A GPS provides a cost-effective housing solution which can be used indoors or outdoors, and in environmentally harsh conditions. The units can be free-standing or wall/pole mounted.

ViaLiteHD Integrated GPS Splitter

Designed to minimise rack space, the new ViaLiteHD GPS Splitter is available with 1-4 RF over fibre receivers with 8-32 outputs depending on configuration, and only uses 1RU of rack space.

VialiteHD 3U Rack Chassis

A rack chassis equipped with two 100W dual redundant power supplies and either a summary alarm card or an SNMP network control module.  Each ViaLiteHD chassis will accept up to 13 rack cards.  

ViaLiteHD 1U Rack Chassis

The ViaLiteHD 1U rack accepts up to three RF/data cards or two cards plus an SNMP control module. Both rack variants feature dual power supply modules. 

ViaLiteHD SNMP Network Monitoring Card

The ViaLiteHD SNMP Horizons network monitoring card fully monitors and controls ViaLiteHD RF over fibre systems. The card can also be used with optical fibre to extend existing Ethernet networks (eg from a control room to the antenna in a satellite earth station).