Ideal for marine navigation purposes outputting NMEA over serial connection direct to your equipment.

GM-44-UB-DR Receiver

GM-44-DR GNSS 3D Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) Receiver for road vehicle applications.

GM-44-FB Mini GPS Locator

GM-44-FB can be used in meeting GPS navigational needs or Precise Time source for a wide range of applications:

GM-44-UB Mobile GPS Receiver

GM-44-UB is powered by Antaris4 chipset, which has excellent power consumption and position accuracy. These two features are ideal for portable and battery-operated devices.

GM-44-UB-FB Mini GPS Locator

GM-44UB-FB can be used for GPS navigational needs or as a precise time source, for a variety of applications.

GM-48UB Mini GPS Locator

GM-48-UB is powered by Antaris chipset, which advantage is the power consumption and position accuracy. These two important features will help a lot in the portable and battery-operated devices.

GM-88U Marine GPS Receiver

GM-88U is an outstanding high sensitivity Marine GPS receiver employing the powerful u-blox GPS receiver chipset technology providing excellent navigation performance even with limited sky view.

GR-2000 Marine GPS Receiver

The GR-2000 is the ideal position and heading device.  The GR-2000 is built with NMEA 2000 new world standard in marine electronics data protocol. It is brilliant for networking with multiple instruments on boat which is NMEA 2000® certified devices (sensor, sonar, GPS, multi-function gauge, etc.), regardless of brand, will share and/or display user-selectable data with any or all other display instruments installed in a NMEA 2000® network.

GR-201 Marine GPS Locator

GR-201 is an outstanding high sensitivity Marine GPS receiver providing various functions. 

GM-5G Mini GNSS Locator

Formerly San Jose GU-168, the extremely low profile GM-5G GNSS Receiver is a waterproof and robust enclosure, providing real time GNSS position, speed distance travel and heading information in NMEA 0183 format(Such as GPGGA, GPGLL, GPGSV, GPGSA, GPRMC and GPVTG) to your portable PC, or vehicle computer.

VP-88 Marine GPS Marine Antenna

An outstanding high sensitivity Marine GPS receiver with excellent performance.