GPS | GLONASS L1 Antennas of all shapes and sizes centred on the GPS L1 1575.42 MHz frequency, highly configurable for all situations with various mounting options and cables & connectors.

GPS Antenna 3971D-HR

The 3971D-HR, low profile permanent mount GPS antenna provides 28 dB gain and superior out-of-band rejection performance and is the optimum choice for GPS Tracking and Timing applications with high RF fields.

L1A Active GPS Antenna

A high performance L1 GPS antenna that is ideally suited for many GPS applications requiring low noise and excellent gain. The L1A functions to specifications over the entire operational voltage and temperature range at a minimal current draw and includes high frequency selectivity to avoid interference with other nearby transmitters.

GNSS Antenna L1/G1/E1 Passive

The L1G1P is a professional grade, passive GNSS L1/G1/E1 antenna built for long lasting, trouble free deployment. It is small and lightweight. Built to suuport the wireless telecommunications industry, including DAS, the precise L1G1P antenna provides optimum signal quality.

L1GPSA-N GPS Antenna

LGPS Networking's L1GPSA-N GPS  antenna is  designed  for timing  and  synchronisation  applications.  Maintaining excellent  performance  under severe  environmental  conditions, it  features  high  gain (38dB), low noise  figure and a  low  operating  current.

L1P Passive GPS Antenna

The L1P is a passive L1 GPS antenna that is ideally suited for many GPS applications. The L1P is available with various common RF connectors.


L1 Reradiating Kit Passive Antenna. The L1RRKPA-S GPS antenna is a passive antenna designed specifically for the GPS L1 carrier frequency. Connector type SMA.

MK-76 Mini GPS Antenna

The MK-76 compact GPS antenna's state-of-the-art technology allows for miniature applications without compromising performance. With good coverage almost all the way to the horizon, it performs excellently in foliage or urban canyon environments, even in the presence of electromagnetic interference.

RC-67TL GNSS Antenna

The RC-67TL Mobile GNSS LNA Antenna from San Jose covers GPS L1, GLONASS L1, BeiDou B1 and Galileo E1 and QZSS L1 and combines a low noise amplifier within a compact, low profile, fully waterproof enclosure.

RV-16 High Gain GPS Antenna

The compact size and ruggedness of the RV-16 is a prerequisite for the highly demanding vehicle locating and car navigating fields where the RV-16 is suited to handle harsh environments caused by weather and pollution.

RV-19 GPS Marine Antenna

Featuring extremely low voltage and current consumption without compromising its high gain, the compact and rugged RV-19 is designed to meet the robust demand for a GPS antenna that can maintain GPS signal stability for automatic vehicle locating and navigation even in harsh environments.

SA-200 Marine GPS Antenna

The integration of a high performance GPS antenna and a state of the art low noise amplifier into an extremely compact/fully waterproof enclosure. When connected to a GPS receiver with +5VDC antenna power, it provides excellent signal amplification and out-band filtering/rejection.

SA-300 GPS Marine Antenna

Combining the most innovative concept with precision manufacture, the SA-300 is designed for both navigators and researchers who need to use GPS in harsh environments such as strong shock of vibration, fierce wind and even continuous exposure to water and sunlight.

SM-19 Low Voltage Low Current GPS Antenna

An externally mounted GPS antenna that provides continuous L1 band with high gain and low power consumption to a wide selection of GPS receivers. Compact and ruggedised, SM-19 maintains GPS signal stability for automatic vehicle locating and navigation even in harsh environments.

SM-66 Mobile GPS Antenna with LNA

Compact and sensitive GPS antenna with excellent signal amplification for mobile applications. Ideal for AVL/fleet management systems, car navigation, marine and weather balloon applications

SM-76G GPS/GLONASS Antenna with LNA

Combination of a high performance GPS patch antenna and a cutting edge LNA in a low profile compact and fully waterproof enclosure. Ideal for AVL/fleet management systems, car navigation, marine and weather balloon applications.

D-10 Compact Antenna Module

D-10 is a compact GPS antenna module and is specially designed for portable devices requiring embedded GPS antennas such as PNDs, laptops, mobile phones etc.

DS-28 GPS | GLONASS Antenna

DS-28 is a compact GPS/GLONASS antenna with state-of-the-art technology enabling excellent coverage almost all the way to the horizon; performs well even in foliage or urban canyon environments and even in the presence of electromagnetic interference.

DS-56 GPS | GLONASS Antenna

DS-56 is a GPS/GLONASS combined antenna with active design to operate at the frequency GPS L1 1575.42 MHz and GLONASS L1 1602 MHz. The antenna is optimised to receive right-hand circular polarized signals and has LNA designed in. The antenna can be fixed by an operational mounting base.

RV-76G Patch Antenna

The antenna system RV-76G is the integration of a high performance GPS/GLONASS patch antenna and a state-of-the-art low noise amplifier in a very low-profile,extremely compact and fully waterproof antenna-signal enclosure.