Agriculture & Construction applications have a common requirement for high precision, accurate, reliable and seamless technology which is robust and able to stand up to the demanding and often safety critical nature of the use of GNSS in these areas.


GNSS technology in precision agriculture products help to minimize costs and maximize yields. Chronos can provide GNSS solutions that deliver sub-metre to centimetre accuracy and automated control. This reduces the potential for skips or overlaps and enables our customers to apply seed and fertiliser only where they are needed – minimizing application costs and increasing productivity. Easy and effective integration and deployment of GNSS systems deliver a fast return on investment.

Chronos represents key supplier Septentrio in this sector.  By integrating Septentrio’s GNSS+ technology – RTK receivers, antennas and base stations into their machines, cultivators can maximize their yields by knowing the exact area of their land, eliminating waste by knowing how much fertilizer to use, and minimizing machine wear through precision guidance.

Septentrio's products range from the  AsteRx-m2 OEM   board featuring TERRASTAR PPP correction services and +LOCK technology, which maintains tracking even during heavy machinery vibrations; the AsteRx-m2 an all in one multi-frequency GNSS receiver; AsteRx-m2a a very low power GPS/GLONASS dual-frequency RTK receiver for high accuracy in low-power and space-constrained applications.  If you would like to speak to one of our experts please call +44 1594 862200.

Machine Control

A key use of GNSS is in machine control applications, farming and agriculture are good examples of this but in the heavy industrial area, machine control of construction equipment is using GNSS technology to strongly increase a machines’ productivity through a shortening in the execution time and a reduction of the costs for the ground crew. An effective machine control system will normally require a real-time GNSS positioning with a few centimetres accuracy.