GPS, along with other alternatives such as GLONASS or BeiDou (collectively termed GNSS), is a notoriously weak signal by the time it reaches the earth's surface from Medium Earth Orbit in space. This means that GPS/GNSS signal will not make it into most buildings, and GPS/GNSS Repeaters are often required to test any devices, (from small smartphones, handheld receivers, to aircraft avionics systems).

For instance, within Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities, testing the navigation system or commissioning any electronic works requires the aircraft to be moved out of the hangar into the open air, a procedure that costs a great deal of time and money, and can only be done if the aircraft is in a ready state. Bringing the GPS/GNSS signal inside your hangar with a repeater system enables all this testing to be done inside the hangar at any time, quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Listen to Chronos' Chris Boulton discussing how a repeater system enables GPS testing to be done directly in the building, hangar, manufacturing facility, test lab, R&D, blue-light/military fast response environments tation etc at any time, quickly, efficiently, and economically.