Chronos welcomes the publication of a Bill on 19 May by the US House of Representatives which directs the US Coast Guard to establish eLoran as a back up to GPS.
The Bill which is subject to the availability of "appropriations" (funding), calls for the Secretary of Transportation to create a back-up system to be  amongst other features, "Wireless, Terrestrial, Provide Wide Area Coverage, Transmit at 100 KHz, be synchronised to UTC, be resilient and extremely difficult to disrupt or degrade and be able to penetrate buildings and underground".
It also states that it should make full use of existing Loran-C assets such as masts and ground planes.
The "PURPOSE" of the system is to provide a complement to and backup for GPS to ensure the availability of positioning, navigation and timing signals in the event that GPS is corrupted, degraded, unreliable or otherwise unavailable.