Intelligent Sensing Programme – Internet of Things – 10 June 2015 Grand Connaught Rooms, London

Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, UK, 29 May 2015, An Innovate UK supported collaborative research project, Automatic Jamming Recognition (AJR), will be demonstrated at the Intelligent Sensing Programme – Internet of Things at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London on Wednesday 10 June 2015.  The AJR collaboration is between Chronos Technology Ltd and the University of Bath’s Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering.

While solutions have been developed for the simple detection of GPS jammers, the technology to trigger a camera from a passing car with a GPS jamming device is not trivial.  AJR has succeeded in creating a proof of concept unit “JammerCam™” which detects a single feed based on vehicles passing in front of a remote detector; this then communicates a photo to a central server.  A smart phone user can then access the photo of the car with the jammer in near real time.

Professor Charles Curry, Managing Director of Chronos said “This is a very exciting development and we are trialling a unit with a UK Police Force who see this as a significant development in the effort to provide actionable intelligence to front line officers in their fight against organised crime groups engaged in vehicle and plant theft.

Dr Robert Watson of the University of Bath said “AJR is an evolved version of the technology we originally developed for use in handheld jammer detectors.  AJR has the ability to both pinpoint the location of the jamming signal and capture an image or video of its source. Unlike the handheld devices which needed an operator, this system is ‘always on’ and continuously vigilant to the threats posed by GPS jamming”.

Matt Butchers of KTN said “We are very pleased to provide a platform for the first public show casing of this technology.”  He added “Part of the role of the KTN is to provide the opportunity for developers of measurement systems to meet, and exhibit their innovative technology. The Intelligent Sensing Programme is aimed at doing exactly that - bringing our diverse sensors and instrumentation community together – helping those who would not normally meet, meet. This is where we see the magic happening”

About Chronos Technology

Chronos Technology is a global leader in , GPS jamming and interference detection and geolocation products and solutions providing both handheld jamming detectors and detection and geolocation systems to protect critical infrastructure such as airports, ports and financial institutions.  A specialist technology company in the wider field of Resilient Position, Navigation and Timing solutions, Chronos supplies GPS receivers, eLoran receivers, GPS simulators, and GNSS (GPS) infrastructure (antennas, splitters, repeaters) for the distribution of GNSS RF signals into indoor environments in military and civilian applications.  Chronos has developed a range of bespoke GPS timing products for time and frequency synchronisation introducing one of the world’s first GPS disciplined Chip Scale Atomic clock products for OEM applications.  Established in 1986, Chronos is also acknowledged as an expert in time, timing, phase and distribution systems for telecoms, energy/utilities and banking/financial institutions.  For more information please visit


About the Knowledge Transfer Network

The Knowledge Transfer Network (the KTN) is the UK’s innovation network. We bring together businesses, entrepreneurs, academics and funders to develop new products and services. Whether this means farmers talking to sensor specialists about sustainable agriculture; or materials scientists talking to laser scientists about 3D printing—we exist to put innovation to practical use.

The Sensors and Instrumentation Community connects the supply chain of technology developers to end-users and system integrators. We engage strongly with UK and international networks to pinpoint challenges and opportunities for exploitation. This means the KTN is well-informed to deliver workshops and other activities dealing with the issues which matter to the community and thus address key challenges and opportunities for the benefit of the UK economy.