”Nanosynchronisation: Technology & Applications”

Wednesday 4 December 2013, Copenhagen

Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, UK, 25 October 2013, Professor Charles Curry, Founder and Managing Director of Chronos Technology will deliver a keynote talk “From Light Years to Nanoseconds” at the Danish Academy of Sciences Seminar “Nanosynchronisation: Technology & Applications” on Wednesday 4 December 2013 in Copenhagen.

The seminar will look at the broad range of applications of precision timing and Professor Curry’s talk will discuss:

“Time” plays a vital part in our World today.  We never have enough of it and yet, without it, nothing would get done.  Charles will take the audience on a journey through “Time” where the audience will be encouraged to interact with the speaker.  Case studies, photos and video clips will help to illustrate key points.

The journey will begin with a wide ranging review of the components of “Time” and time scales. These include the three essential components: Time of Day, Timing and Phase.  Then more aspects of “Time” will be explored including clocks, UTC (Universal Coordinated Time), nanoseconds & light years, the speed of Light, frequency, the electromagnetic spectrum, leap seconds, bending time, relativity, gravity, time transport and more.

The journey will continue by exploring why accurate “Time” is vital in everyday life including a review of industries and applications that just would not work without “Time”.  These include Telecoms, Power, Computing, Navigation, Transport, and Broadcasting.

Finally what happens when time goes wrong or gets damaged?  Can we interfere with SatNav?  What would happen if the Sun got “wind”?  Can we make time go backwards?  Does time change when we go into space?

For more information, visit the Nanosync website here.

About Chronos Technology

Chronos is recognised as a global expert in timing and synchronisation for telecoms, energy, broadcast and financial systems.    Chronos’ business broadly forms three areas of activity: designer, manufacturer and exporter of electronic equipment; value added reseller for major non-UK suppliers of equipment and systems; and 24x7 support of critical infrastructure solutions including telecom network synchronisation and protection from GPS jamming. Chronos designs SyncWatch™, the most versatile sync testing and measurement solution available on the market today, and TimePort™, a low power, lightweight, portable device that maintains time to within a few hundred nanoseconds of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in GPS denied locations.   Established in 1986, Chronos is also a global leader in GPS jamming and interference detection and location products and solutions and is a specialist technology company in the wider field of position, navigation and timing (PNT).  Chronos supplies GNSS (GPS) products including receivers, recorders and simulators, and GNSS infrastructure (antennas, splitters, repeaters) for the distribution of GNSS RF signals into indoor environments in military and civilian applications.  Chronos has developed a range of bespoke GPS timing products for time and frequency synchronisation introducing one of the world’s first GPS disciplined Chip Scale Atomic Clock products for OEM applications.