“Finding a Way: The Future of Navigation”

Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, UK, 19 August 2013 - Prof. Charles Curry, Managing Director and Founder of Forest of Dean based Chronos Technology, a global expert in timing and synchronisation for communications networks; and a world leader in GPS jamming and interference detection and location, will be featured on Quentin Cooper’s Radio 4 programme on Wednesday 21 August at 9pm.

Charles was interviewed last Friday by Quentin at Stowfield House, Chronos’ HQ for inclusion in the programme - Finding a Way: The Future of Navigation which looks at “How we all rely on GPS - the Global Positioning System network of satellites – whether we want to or not.

From shipping to taxis to mobile phones, the goods we consume and the technology with which we run our lives depend upon a low-power, weak and vulnerable signal beamed from a few tonnes of electronics orbiting above our heads.

This dependence is a new Achilles' heel for the world's financial, commercial and military establishments.  From North Korea's concerted disruption of the South's maritime and airborne fleet, to white van drivers' evading the boss's scrutiny over lunch, this signal is easy to jam, with disastrous consequences.

Some people are looking at alternatives. Quentin Cooper meets the scientists and engineers developing alternative, resilient, navigation systems.”

The programme will also be available on iPlayer.

About Chronos Technology

Chronos is recognised as a global expert in timing and synchronisation for telecoms, energy, broadcast and financial systems.    Chronos’ business broadly forms three areas of activity: designer, manufacturer and exporter of electronic equipment; value added reseller for major non-UK suppliers of equipment and systems; and 24x7 support of critical infrastructure solutions including telecom network synchronisation and protection from GPS jamming. Chronos designs SyncWatch™, the most versatile sync testing and measurement solution available on the market today, and TimePort™, a low power, lightweight, portable device that maintains time to within a few hundred nanoseconds of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in GPS denied locations.   Established in 1986, Chronos is also a global leader in GPS jamming and interference detection and location products and solutions and is a specialist technology company in the wider field of position, navigation and timing (PNT).  Chronos supplies GNSS (GPS) products including receivers, recorders and simulators, and GNSS infrastructure (antennas, splitters, repeaters) for the distribution of GNSS RF signals into indoor environments in military and civilian applications.  Chronos has developed a range of bespoke GPS timing products for time and frequency synchronisation introducing one of the world’s first GPS disciplined Chip Scale Atomic Clock products for OEM applications.