Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, UK – 2 July 2012 – Chronos Technology, a specialist supplier of GNSS (GPS, GLONASS & Galileo) products and services, welcomes the decision by the UK regulator Ofcom on the 20th June 2012 to implement a licensing regime for the use of GNSS repeaters in the UK.

GNSS repeaters provide coverage for the use and testing of GNSS technology inside buildings where the GNSS signals do not normally reach. Until the recent decision by Ofcom, the use of this repeater technology in the UK was not permitted except in specialised (normally military) situations.  Large numbers of consumer and industrial products use GNSS technology for positioning and timing applications including smart phones, telematics equipment, avionics and emergency service applications. GNSS technology can also be used for resource management, civil engineering and military applications.

The Ofcom consultation prior to this decision highlighted concerns about potential interference to applications by the use of GNSS repeaters, however the conclusion was that a properly installed repeater system, conforming to the ETSI harmonized Standard for GNSS repeaters should have no impact beyond 10 metres. This decision enables the use of GNSS repeaters in many applications and will  provide significant benefits and cost savings to organisations wanting to develop, test, integrate and manufacture products and systems that utilise GNSS technology.

Chronos Technology has been at the forefront of GNSS repeater technology for many years and is one of the largest suppliers of this technology to the military in Europe. Particularly skilled in the audit (against ETSI Standards) and installation of GNSS repeater systems, as well as product supply, Chronos has installed repeater and other general GNSS infrastructure in more than 50 countries over a 15 year period.  Chronos can provide a full service package from survey/audit to system design or alteration of existing systems (to meet the new ETSI Standard), along with assistance with licence applications  and implementation/physical installation and training through to comprehensive after sales support.

Chronos believes this decision by Ofcom will enable organisations to take advantage of the significant benefits GNSS repeater technology brings, making operations more efficient, saving money in development and manufacturing processes and making repair centre functions more efficient.

Prof. Charles Curry MD of Chronos commented “We have been working closely with Ofcomfor some years to assist the evolution of this critical need within the GNSS user community. This has not been a simple process and in the beginning Ofcom had to sponsor a new ETSI Standard. Anyone involved with Standards knows that this does not happen overnight. Now that the Standard is in place Ofcom has moved very quickly to implement a light licensing regime for the deployment of GNSS Repeaters”.


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