Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, UK – Tuesday 3 January 2012, Chronos Technology, a world leader in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) jamming and interference detection, has partnered with UrsaNav, Inc. of Chesapeake, USA to support product development and technology application for GNSS Interference, Detection and Mitigation (IDM).  Chronos will initially be UrsaNav's Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for its Loran and eLoran timing receivers and IDM technology in the UK and European Economic Area (EEA).

The formal partnership follows a year-long collaborative effort where UrsaNav provided its UN-150 advanced eLoran timing receivers in support of the Chronos led GAARDIAN project (GNSS Availability Accuracy Reliability anDIntegrity Assessment for timing and Navigation). The GAARDIAN project has already demonstrated that eLoran enables wide-area detection, location and mitigation of interference and jamming of GNSS signals.  As part of the follow-on SENTINEL project, also led by Chronos, UrsaNav is providing Chronos with its next generation Low Frequency (LF) Position, Navigation, Timing, and Data (PNT&D) OEM receiver module, the UN-151 Ursa MitigatorTM, which will improve the performance and expand the functionality of Chronos' IDM products. The Ursa MitigatorTM also enables additional opportunities for using eLoran signals to provide precision time, frequency, and UTC.  During independent commercial and government testing, eLoran has been shown to provide equivalent or better timing performance than GPS.  When comparing UrsaNav's LF receiver technology against a GPS-based Primary Reference Standard (PRS), the UN-150 exceeded the stringent MTIE requirements for Primary Reference Clocks (PRC) used by the telecommunications industry.

Commenting on the partnership, Charles Curry, Founder and Managing Director of Chronos said, "We are very excited to be working with UrsaNav, the global leader in eLoran transmission and reception technology. This emerging Terrestrial LF Position, Navigation, and Timing technology is vitally important for mitigating the clear and present threat from GPS jamming devices which are impacting our critical infrastructure on a daily basis."  He added “We have been working with UrsaNav for over 12 months on our GAARDIAN and SENTINEL projects which are researching techniques for detecting and locating interference and jamming of GNSS signals and look forward to the relationship evolving as we develop sales of eLoran products and solutions into our territories.”

Charles Schue, Co-founder and President of UrsaNav, commented, "We enjoy working with the professionals at Chronos and are pleased to have been able to provide them with our LF receiver technology and contribute to their noteworthy efforts in GNSS interference, detection, and mitigation. We look forward to growing our partnership and helping advance the important work Chronos is doing."

The collaboration of worldwide industry experts continues the collective investment both companies have made in evolving technology in their respective areas. UrsaNav and Chronos look forward to growing their partnership as they continue to develop products and solutions for IDM and LF APNT&D to help alleviate the issues of relying on GNSS signals in critical infrastructure, such as telecommunications, power distribution, and banking.

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About Chronos Technology Limited

Chronos, a world leader in timing synchronisation solutions and GNSS jamming and interference detection, is currently the lead for the UK Government sponsored SENTINEL research program, which followed on from the GAARDIAN GNSS interference detection project to research the location of GNSS jammers.  Established in 1986, Chronos is a leading provider of technical solutions including time and timing for wireline and wireless telecom operators; highly versatile telecoms sync testing and monitoring systems and quality of service applications. Chronos also supplies GNSS (GPS) products from receivers for all application types including covert tracking, avionics and embedded systems, to test equipment (simulators) and GNSS infrastructure (antennas, splitters, repeaters) for the distribution of GNSS RF signals into sensitive environments.  Chronos has developed a range of bespoke GPS timing products for time and frequency synchronization in power and communication systems.

About UrsaNav, Inc.

UrsaNav is a diversified technology company focused on delivering innovative engineering, information technology (IT), and associated professional services and solutions. We are committed to improving the operational capabilities of our customers—worldwide.  Since inception in 2004, the vision of supplying the government and commercial sectors with a full suite of end-to-end solutions has enabled us to grow in both size and scope of work.