Chronos and its partners can provide tracking systems and the component parts for tracking systems such as specialised antennas for GPS or GSM/GPS, even up to our 7 in 1 combined GPS and multi-band GSM/UMTS/WiFi antennas that are used in telemetry, asset & vehicle tracking applications as well as standard GPS applications.

Defence & Security

GNSS technology has been used in Defence & Security applications for many years; areas such as the traditional military uses within avionics and other guidance systems, personal warfighter and convoy navigation to asset tracking and rescue. These applications and the increased integration of Position Navigation & Time (PNT) into command and personal information systems mean that the robustness and availability of PNT is under closer scrutiny than ever before. One component of this scrutiny is operational availability.


Industrial applications cover many areas including Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Construction, Power generation and Utilities, Medical and Machine to machine. All of these areas have a common requirement for high precision, accurate, reliable and seamless technology which is robust and able to stand up to the demanding and often safety critical nature of the use of GNSS in these areas.


The very first satellite navigation systems were designed for marine use, by the military of the time, and now the marine industry is one of the largest users of GNSS technology and many of the specific applications developed for the marine industry have become ubiquitous across all application sectors.


GNSS is used extensively in the Telecom market for timing and synchronisation and Chronos is the UK leading organisation for timing in the telecommunication sector. Chronos delivers time and synchronisation products for use within the core network or for telecom test equipment.


UAVs are becoming increasingly available to the civilian industry in addition to military applications.  GNSS receivers are an essential part of navigation systems on UAV/UAS, determining location, attitude, relative positioning, hover stabilisation, geo-referencing and more.  Chronos supplies a range of GNSS receivers for UAV applications.