Following Ofcom’s authorisation of GPS / GNSS repeaters and subsequent licencing regime, Chronos can ensure your installation is designed to and compliant with the required EN 302 645 ETSI Standard and required practices.  Ofcom Statement.

Chronos is perhaps the UK’s largest installer of GPS / GNSS systems, having installed over a 1200 worldwide.  From the OSNET to large numbers of mobile and fixed telecommunication sites and UK military installations our teams has a unique level of experience and knowledge.

Chronos’ installation services can apply to both authorised GPS repeating systems and to GPS antenna systems to provide GPS RF to equipment within buildings, including the use of GPS RF over fibre where necessary.

GPS Repeater Products

Installation & Commissioning

GPS Installation & Commissioning

Poor GNSS/GPS installations cause systemic performance degradation or malfunction, potentially leading to failure of nearby systems by the introduction of RF interference. Optimal, reliable and durable GNSS/GPS infrastructure requires installation by engineers with a high level of understanding of GNSS/GPS signal architectures, RF engineering and knowledge of official Standards associated with GNSS/GPS installation operations.

Chronos’ experienced engineers install and commission GNSS/GPS systems to the highest standards ensuring optimal performance without affecting the local RF environment. A full report describing the work undertaken is provided upon project completion, enabling customers to fully support their own system post-commissioning if required. Chronos also offers comprehensive after-sales support.

Companies occasionally use independent sub-contractors, with little or no experience of GPS/GNSS or synchronisation principles. This has the potential for errors to be inadvertently introduced leading to a non-compliant, and in-efficient system.  Chronos therefore usually recommends conducting the installation phase using our own personnel or sometimes one expert supervisor from Chronos and one technician supplied by the customer.