Maintaining development within budget and timescale has always been a challenge faced by GPS product managers. Successful testing requires significant allocation of time and resources. Until LabSat 3 arrived there were only two alternatives: field testing and laboratory simulation. Both are expensive and have considerable limitations. Field testing cannot offer reliable, repeatable test conditions due to the dynamic nature of GNSS constellations; while laboratory simulation cannot offer live sky conditions found in the real world at a realistic price.

LabSat 3, with its real world signal record and replication capability, takes field testing into the laboratory – removing the biggest restrictions of the alternatives. Now you can have live, reliable and repeatable signal scenarios replayed in the security of the laboratory or test facility.

LabSat 3 is the most affordable, full constellation GNSS simulator range on the market, making GPS and GLONASS Test and Simulation accessible for any company involved in GNSS design, test or production.

LabSat 3 Wideband

New to the LabSat range of GNSS Record and Replay devices is LabSat 3 Wideband, which continues with the established reliability, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity of operation that are the benchmarks of the LabSat system.

LabSat 3 Real Time

Using real-time GNSS RF signals to play multiple satellite signals from up to two constellations with a current time stamp. If you are developing, testing or selling products incorporating GPS, GLONASS or BeiDou engines, LabSat RT makes your job quicker, easier and more effective.

LabSat 3

A versatile, low-cost, portable, multi-constellation GPS simulator.  One touch record/reply makes LabSat 3 extremely simple to operate.  If you are selling, testing or developing products incorporating satellite navigation chipsets, LabSat 3 makes your job easier.

SatGen GPS Simulation Software

SatGen software generates custom scenarios which give the ability to test GPS devices under almost any dynamic scenario, anywhere in the world. SatGen v3 simulation software has been designed to match the LabSat 3 simulator range. SatGen v3 is available in single, dual or triple constellation versions and will create GPS L1, Glonass L1 and BeiDou B1 RF signals.