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Product Information

Product Information

An RF screened portable test enclosure that blocks outside signals for secure and reliable GNSS smart device testing.  A fully screened RF room is very expensive to install and use, so the portable enclosure offers a convenient, controlled, and affordable test solution suitable for testing the impact of jammers on GPS type systems.

The LabSat Test Enclosure enables secure screened testing if you need to troubleshoot, tune, align, and test a device in an RF free environment.  It also allows safe lab based testing of equipment's susceptibility to GPS jamming with up to 3w of GPS jamming power.

When testing a product which only has an internal antenna, simulator rebroadcast must be separated from live GNSS signals; however, their retransmission in an open environment is generally severely restricted and comes with inherent issues:

•        The test is subject to interference from other RF sources (including real GNSS signals)

•        In many countries, radiation of GNSS signals is not legal

•        Radiation may interfere with other equipment and systems

•        There is little control for consistent results

•        Tests may be subject to considerable multipath from nearby reflective surfaces

Constructed of 0.090 aluminium, and with exactly machined tolerances throughout, the LabSat Test Enclosure maintains an RF-tight environment.