This innovative E-Field antenna provides outstanding performance in a compact design with overall length of just 13” and diameter of 3.75 inches. Performance meets or exceeds UN-005L antenna that was discontinued.


The UN-007 is an active, omnidirectional E-Field antenna designed for use with the UN-155 Resilient PNT Receiver. The UN-007 has dual channel capability geared for applications that combine both LF and MF frequencies.

Mitigator Series LF Receiver UN51B

This latest version of UrsaNav's Mitigator series LF receiver UN151B receiver uses an external eLoran E-field or H-field antenna that is connected to the OEM module using the same antenna connector.

H-Field Antenna

H-Field antenna is available in 2 formats: the UN-008L and the UN-008M (pictured). The UN-008L is approximately 6 inches square and 2 inches tall and UN-008M resides in a housing of height approximately 6 inches and diameter approximately 8 inches.