Many companies provide products for the consumer automotive market but Chronos provides products specifically for the business to business sector to enable these companies to develop their products and solutions.

Chronos and its partners can provide tracking systems and the component parts for tracking systems such as specialised antennas for GPS or GSM/GPS, even up to our 7 in 1 combined GPS and multi-band GSM/UMTS/WiFi antennas that are used in telemetry, asset & vehicle tracking applications as well as standard GPS applications.

For advanced applications Chronos can also provide custom GPS + V/UHF antennas, such as the single unit products supplied to automotive customers for tracking and telemetry.


Construction applications utilise automotive technology such as tracking and telemetry systems and machine control systems. Significant productivity, job quality, workflow and profitability gains are being realised through GPS (GNSS) and complimentary machine guidance and control technology. All companies in the construction value chain can benefit from GNSS technology and the improvements it brings, particularly by using precise positioning technology, accurate and safe machine control applications are made a reality.

Chronos can provide innovative, cost-effective technologies fit a variety of applications and business segments – from excavation to automated steering to snow grooming and even for public works applications.

Speed up and save testing costs: simulation, record & replay

Automotive applications benefit particularly from GNSS simulation, record & replay systems. To test, develop and manufacture effectively you need a controlled and repeatable signal source. Simulators can test the fully capability of the GNSS product whether it be an after-market product or a dedicated In Vehicle Navigation Systems (IVNS) and can lead to shorter development cycles and a reduction in in-field testing.

The advent of record & replay systems such as the LabSat product by our partner Racelogic can provide flexible affordable testing in the manufacturing, verification and support phases of a product lifecycle.

A flexible range of external signals can be incorporated in the data-recording, allowing for replay of these signals plus other inputs into the system as a whole, allowing complete 'hardware in the loop' testing using the same synchronised time source. Modules are available for Digital, Serial (RS232, RS422 and RS485) and CAN logging and an analogue module will be available soon.

High Speed Receivers

High-speed automotive applications such as motor racing demand high performance and high speed products. Chronos works with Septentrio a provider of receiver systems that are used in high performance industries like motor and bike racing. High update rates, fast acquisition and re-acquisition times are key in these applications and Chronos are able to solve customer problems and improve performance in these areas.